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The ACC Announces the College Republican Clean Energy Coalition

20 College Republican state chairs declare their support for clean energy

The ACC is proud to announce this cohort of CR State Chair supporters of its Clean Energy Coalition during the first annual National Clean Energy Week. The coalition supports a free market approach to the future of America's energy portfolio.


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Conservative Environmental Solutions Exist.


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Establishing roots and creating lasting change.


ACC Campus

This fall we're bringing our conservative message to college campuses nationwide. Learn about our campus work and see how you can bring the ACC to your campus.

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Our State and Federal Efforts

We believe energy and environmental issues need to be addressed at both the state and federal level. We work to support elected officials who are strong environmentalists and support legistlation to make lasting reform.

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Join Us For Clean Energy Week

This September we're partnering with Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions to bring Clean Energy Week to college campuses nationwide. Get excited as we prepare to announce more details about our partnership with CRES next week.

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