When the idea behind ACC developed, we had a vision to fill the important niche of bridging the gap on environmental issues by involving conservative voices. We knew, that in our current political climate, there was a huge need for such an organization. Through dozens of dedicated volunteers and committed supporters, we took a risk and founded this organization despite untold odds. Little did we know that not even two years later, we would find widespread support for our vision among thousands of people across the country.

Today, we have a lot to be thankful for. Whether it be a kind financial contribution like yours, or something simple like sharing our posts on social media, your support has paid off. The American Conservation Coalition has drastically increased its college participation with more than 2,500 students joining us on 100+ campuses to spread our free-market environmental message. Our efforts on the Hill, as well as within the EPA, DOI, and White House, have paid off with ACC-endorsed legislation on the President’s desk. Additionally, we are actively spreading free-market solutions to environmental problems in countless media outlets. CNBC, Salon, ABC, Townhall, Washington Post, Daily Caller, TeenVogue, POLITICO, Vox and many more have featured our work. In the 2018 midterms, ACC endorsed twenty-five candidates and helped craft environmental platforms for 12 campaigns. We’ve partnered with some of the best organizations on important initiatives, including Audubon on conservation and Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions with National Clean Energy Week. To sum it up perfectly, FiveThirtyEight called ACC the boldest group for action on climate (and other environmental issues).

However, there is far more to be done to change the narrative on environmental policy in our country. This year alone, we are working to expand our presence to 150+ college campuses and work on important initiatives surrounding National Parks, clean energy, endangered species, property rights, and innovation. We are holding the nation’s first large-scale 30 Under 30 event and working hard in Congress to make sure important limited-government environmental initiatives are being prioritized.

Thanks to your help, you’re allowing us to keep changing the narrative. We look forward to making you proud in 2019 and beyond, and deeply appreciate your support of ACC through our initial membership launch.