We're supported by the people who are leading the conservative environmentalist movement.

Jay Faison   President, ClearPath Action

Jay Faison

President, ClearPath Action

"I'm proud to support the American Conservation Coalition because I'm inspired by college students taking action, getting involved in government, and doing their part for a better Republican Party. Conservative, free-market solutions are long overdue in environmental politics and I'm excited to see what they can do"

Bob Inglis   Former US Congressman (R-SC)

Bob Inglis

Former US Congressman (R-SC)

"As a former member of Congress, I've seen firsthand the necessity of conservative activists encouraging legislators to pursue market-based, limited-government, and pro-environment policies. Because of that, the influence of the American Conservation Coalition's federal and state level legislative efforts are incredibly impactful. Additionally, I am inspired to see such young conservatives take action on such a vital topic. There is no more important time for young conservatives to become active in environmental politics than right now. Conservatives must step up, embrace bold reforms, and bring new leaders into the fold."

Ted Halstead   Executive Director, Climate Leadership Council

Ted Halstead

Executive Director, Climate Leadership Council

"The American Conservation Coalition understands that the conservative principles of free markets and limited government can offer a more effective climate solution that simultaneously protects our environment, reduces regulations, strengthens our economy, and promotes national security. I am delighted to see young conservatives championing this message."

Peter Bryn   Citizens Climate Lobby, Conservative Caucus Director

Peter Bryn

Citizens Climate Lobby, Conservative Caucus Director

"It's now more important than ever to bring more conservatives into the environmental conversation. With solutions coming out of only one political party for so long, it's easy to see why many folks have forgotten that being a good environmental steward can easily go hand-in-hand with pro-growth, market-friendly policies.

The ACC understands the importance and the power of the free market. Through its work on college campuses, the ACC is working to promote bipartisan solutions to these issues. I'm proud to offer them my support as they continue to create a stronger dialogue focused on market-based environmental solutions."


"As a strong supporter of America’s national parks and public lands, I believe it’s critical that our generation rallies around common sense, conservative environmental policy reform. We must embrace innovative solutions to our environmental challenges, which strike a balance between conservation and individual liberty. The fact is, conservation is an inherently conservative principle. Teddy Roosevelt put it best in 1903 when visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona: “Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it.” Our public lands deserve careful stewardship, so that generations to come may enjoy America’s greatest national treasures. But we can achieve this without the current top-down, bureaucratic approach to environmental policy.

That's why I support the efforts of Benji Backer and the American Conservation Coalition. This organization is leading the way in offering conservative, 21st century-driven proposals to environmental policy. I’m proud to stand with them, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they accomplish!"

Chandler Thornton, Chairman, College Republican National Committee

"As someone who calls "The Great Lakes State" home, clean water is an important issue for me. My childhood was spent on the Great Lakes and in the beautiful forests of Michigan. An important tenet of conservatism is preserving freedom for our posterity. Similarly, we should be good stewards of our environment, to preserve it for our posterity. Big government solutions like cap and trade are not the solution to our problems. Environmental policy should put people first, ensure the protection of private property, strengthen the free market, promote high-tech development, avoid one-size fits all solutions, and should produce real environmental benefits. Societies that are the freest and least regulated protect the environment most. Conservatives believe in being good neighbors and being good citizens, and preserving the environment is certainly part of that. The Left should not have a monopoly on environmental conservation, which is why I support the efforts of the American Conservation Coalition."

Grant Strobl, National Chairman, Young Americans Foundation


"With environmental issues becoming more and more polarized every day, the ACC is a necessary cause worth standing behind. Without conservatives actively fighting for beneficial environmental reforms, our environment is at a severe disadvantage. As a solar energy entrepreneur, I have seen first hand what capitalism and limited government can do to benefit our environmental obstales. I truly look forward to seeing what the ACC can do to bridge the gap and provide useful reforms."

- Matt Neumann, Owner, SunVest Solar

"The launch of the ACC demonstrates the strong interest among young people across the political spectrum in advancing smart energy and environmental solutions. We face pressing challenges as we strive for long-term energy independence and security, healthier communities, and a more stable climate. We urgently need the forward-thinking prespectives and deep devotion to breaking through partisan gridlock that the next generation brings. We congratulate the ACC for their initiative."

- Andrea Yodsampa, CEO, DEPLOY/US

"Protecting the environment and human prosperity are not mutually exclusive. The ACC is a valuable ally when it comes to countering the catastrophic, non-scientific claims made by progressive groups about the state the environment and how best to protect it without unnecessary economic encumbrance. The ACC provides an energetic and youthful take on many of these debates and will be instrumental in furthering a deeper understanding of these vital issues into the next generation."

- Fr. Robert Sirico, Co-founder, The Acton Institute

"For decades, conservative and right of center elected officials in our state have worked to preserve the environment for future generations, restoring salmon, protecting wild places, and adopting policies for cleaner air and water. Even though these conservatives have done more to protect the environment than any group of public officials anywhere, left of center groups seek to claim the issue for their own political purposes. The American Conservation Coalition is an important initiative to engage conservative and right of center candidates with successful conservation policies, and reclaim the environment for the conservative movement."

- Mike Vaska, Chair, Mainstream Republicans of Washington State

"For Republicans and conservatives to be successful in future elections, we must become more competitive among key voting blocs such as millenials, college educated, females and minorities. Clean energy and conservation, approached from a conservative perspective and focused on national security, the economy and faith; are critical to the GOP's ability to attract those voters. The Conservative Energy Network is thrilled with the emergence of the American Conservation Coalition and their focus on organizing and developing messaging aimed at college students. We believe clean energy and conservation are critical to attracting and competing for younger voters. Because after all, to conserve is conservative.”

- Mark Pischea, President, Conservative Energy Network

“The ACC represents something potentially powerful – a young generation of conservative leaders championing conservation because protecting natural resources is as American as baseball, mom, and apple pie. Some of America’s greatest conservationists have been conservatives and the ACC gives me hope that tradition will continue."

- Matt Anderson, Vice President, Climate Change and Strategic Initiatives

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