Regional Policy Researcher



  • Responsible for one ACC geographic policy region (generally based on your location).

  • Responsible for helping track relevant news and legislation level in designated zones

  • Tracking bills originating from MoC within the region 

  • Must be able to write thorough, accurate policy research in bullet point form

  • Ideally a good writer who can write white papers on regional issues, however this is not required as long as research responsibilities are satisfied

  • Meet short and long term research targets on bills and specific issue areas


  • We have incredible contacts from some of the best environmental organizations. The contacts are conservative, experienced, and ready/willing to help craft our message

    • You’ll have the opportunity to talk to some of the brightest environmental policy leaders nationwide

  • The ACC is growing incredibly quickly and crafting our platform will be a strong resume booster

  • Promote from within mentality

  • Dank Slack memes

  • You’ll have the opportunity to attend numerous conferences/events with costs covered by the organization

Please direct any questions about this position to Danielle Butcher at


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