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nomination portal closes: JANUARY 14TH, 2019.

Each year there are dozens of outspoken activists, philanthropists, legislators and grassroots leaders who help fight for free market solutions to environmental problems. To highlight these individuals, ACC gives out yearly awards to give back to these leaders. Ideal nominees for all awards should be an active environmental conservationist, philanthropist, activist or legislator for at least one year. Nominees must actively work to help promote ACC’s Principles of Conservative Environmentalism.

The Golden Leaf Award

The Golden Leaf Award honors an outstanding activist, philanthropist, or legislator who helps promote conservative solutions to protecting and conserving the environment. The Golden Leaf Award is ACC’s flagship award and most competitive award and is given to only one individual each year.

Congressional Award

Each year, members of Congress work to pass legislation that help protect public lands, promote clean energy and sportsman’s rights. The ACC Congressional Award highlights members of Congress who have sponsored or co-sponsored these important pieces of legislation.

Student Activist Award

Student activists are at the center of the grassroots movement to change the narrative. The ACC Student Activist award helps highlight these students.

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