Blog Submissions

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the ACC blog!  Below are guidelines to keep in mind prior to submission:

  • Topics are open to anything pertaining to environmental/energy issues
  • Articles should be approximately 500-1000 words
  • Work must be original for ACC
  • Any references to outside sources/quotes must have proper citation/link
  • AP style preferred

Please contact Bethany with any questions at

Series Topics

We accept guest submissions on a rolling basis, but are also accepting submissions for specific series's of posts.  These follow the same general guidelines as any other article.  Below you can find a list of those series and guidelines for submissions within each.

Why The Environmental Issue is Personal For Me

  • Submissions within this series should focus on why environmental issues matter to you, including any unique reasons why it is of special importance to you personally.  This can also include reasons why you believe the GOP should focus on these issues.

Small Business Highlights

  • Do you know of a small or locally-owned business that uses environmentally-friendly business methods?  We want to hear about them!
  • Submissions of this type should include an overview of the business, their specific actions that are environmentally beneficial, and preferably quotes from someone in the business's leadership.
  • Examples can be found here and here.
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