Business Highlight: Greentown Labs

The What

The search for clean energy production and consumption is one of the biggest endeavors of this generation, and Greentown Labs is a community of entrepreneurs developing solutions to this problem by creating innovative clean energy technologies. The company accomplishes this task by providing the necessary resources, labs, and tools to numerous innovators dedicated to solving this global climate crisis. Greentown has created a strong community of bright minded individuals whose combined knowledge is creating a better, cleaner future. According to their website, Greentown labs is “the largest clean technology incubator in the United States.”

The Beginning

Greentown Labs was started by four MIT graduates searching for space to research and create new technology. They soon discovered that many other entrepreneurs and scientists needed cheap space to build and develop products; and they realized that by creating a community of entrepreneurs and innovators, their combined resources would allow companies to create technology while growing their businesses.

The Present

Greentown Labs is currently based in Somerville, Massachusetts, and encompasses 33,000 square feet of prototyping, office, and event space. They have incubated over 100 startup companies which have created more than 500 jobs and raised over 200 million dollars for their products. The Greentown community includes over 50 cleantech companies generating solutions for renewable energy. Additionally, the company introduces startups to local manufacturers to benefit both parties (hello local economy!). This company is a model for creating free market solutions to environmental issues. Not only are they inventing clean energy technology, they fuel job growth and stimulate the environment with their products. Greentown is incubating startups working on renewable power generation, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, battery storage, industrial waste recycling, water conservation and more.

The Future

By the end of 2017 the company plans to expand its campus in Massachusetts by adding 58,000 square feet to house more startups, This Greentown Labs Global Center for Cleantech Innovation hopes to become the largest and most extensive center in the world for cleantech startups. By providing all the necessary resources for the startups to grow, Greentown plans to become the global leader of comprehensive cleantech innovators and entrepreneurs.

While many people see a problem a wait for someone else to fix it, Greentown labs has taken on the responsibility of solving the global energy crisis. They have created a community of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators all dedicated to creating clean energy technology. By incubating startups, the company has created hundreds of jobs and supported the American economy. Greentown labs in only just getting started in creating a brighter, cleaner future.

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Sarah Taber