Nonprofit Highlight: Wild Fish Conservancy


Wild Fish Conservancy


Established in 1989 under the name “Washington Trout,” the organization changed its name in 2007 to better reflect its mission.  The Wild Fish Conservancy (WFC) works towards protecting and sustaining the Northwest region’s wild-fish heritage through the use of science, education and advocacy.

Science, Education and Advocacy?

The Wild Fish Conservancy researches and monitors the region’s lakes, rivers and nearshore habitats in order to restore and protect ecosystems. By educating schools and the communities, the Wild Fish Conservancy works to raise awareness for their cause through schools programs and outreach. They advocate for socially responsible wild fish conservation, whether that be through the Wild Salmon Recovery Initiative  and the influence on federal, state and local agencies to comply with the Endangered Species Act, or through working towards making fisheries management more transparent.

So they’re cool?

Since their creation, the WFC has made harvest management of salmon more transparent. They also have fought back against motions that would have allowed for more harvesting of already declining populations. WFC has corrected the misidentification of thousands fish bearing streams allowing those bodies of waters to receive the protection they deserve as well as carried out research on wild-fish populations, designed and implemented restoration projects, and promoted individuals and communities to become involved in restoration and environmental protection.

Wait, they’re green too?

How could the WFC get any better? Well, they’re environmentally conscious and participate in Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power Program, so their offices in Washington run on green power.

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Kirstin Liddell