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Grid + encourages usage of green energy, such as solar panels and batteries through market incentives. The adaptation of these energy resources improves the productivity of current grid infrastructure.

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Distributed energy such as solar powers and wind turbines are compact power sources that provide clean, renewable energy. These sources are cost efficient, and they are not completely reliant on transmission grids. In the past decade, the cost of distributed energy has been decreasing generating widespread adoption. Additionally, distributed energy storage, such as batteries, are decreasing in cost as well. This trend has created a transactive energy grid that is less centralized and more controlled by independent sources.

The Agent

The transactive grid transforms the standard electrical grid with the use of renewable energy into a more efficient and sustainable system. An obstacle that arises concerning independently run energy sources is control and administration of the grid itself; to solve this, Grid + has built production ready Etherium blockckchain- based distributed energy resource management. The company designed and created a “Smart Agent," an internet enabled and secure device that can store and process electricity payment. This agent can buy and sell electricity and even manage other devices such as a Nest thermostat or Tesla charger. This small device uses artificial intelligence to track usage patterns and predict future need. It has access to multiple electricity markets so it can purchase energy when the price is low and either use it or sell it when prices increase. The agent is essentially a computer that pays for a customer’s electricity as needed. A purchaser can program the agent through an app to manage their electricity confidentially and efficiently to meet current and future needs. Grid + pays users to incorporate solar panels into their homes and makes it profitable to have battery storage.

Grid + is using economic incentives to promote adoption of clean, renewable energy. With their innovative technology they are literally creating a brighter future for green energy.

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