5 New Year's Resolutions for the Conservative Environmentalist

December is upon us, meaning it is time to reflect on what we have accomplished of our 2017 Resolutions (or haven’t) and look ahead to the next year. We are helping you get a head start with 5 ways to include the environment in your goals for 2018!

1. Invest in reusable water bottles/mugs

This one doesn’t only benefit the environment but can also have a positive impact on your health! By purchasing a reusable water bottle (and actually using it) you will be able to reduce the amount of disposable plastic bottles and cups you use over the year. It also helps you drink more water since you will have it with you a majority of the time.


2. Actually Recycle

While this may seem like a no-brainer, utilizing the different recycling receptacles you may have in your home, workplace, or school, can help make sure we are being kind to the environment and eliminating the amount of waste in landfills. When we are conscious of where we are putting trash, it also leaves us more conscious of where it will end up.


3. Be conscious of resource usage (your wallet and the environment will thank you)

Leaving lights on, windows open with the heat or air conditioning on, long showers. All of these not only can raise your bills, but can harm the environment. Turn off the lights when you leave a room and taking less long showers, are great ways to start being conscious of what resources you are using.


4. Educate yourself (ACC is a great place to start) 

In 2018, challenge yourself to become more educated on topics relating to environmentalism and how conservative values align with protecting it. The American Conservation Coalition and our coalition partners are a great starting place for educational resources. Taking time to learn will not only increase your knowledge on the topic, regardless of where you stand at the end of it, but will also help you for the inevitable discussion you will get into on the topic eventually.

5. Go to at least one national park and one state park

What better way to get outside and enjoy the beauty of this country than in one of the many state and national parks? Challenge yourself in 2018 to make it to a state park and a national park you haven’t been to yet. Grab a group of friends and start planning your adventure now! You can find a park here via the National Park Service.

How are you ringing in the New Year?  Tell us online at @ACC_National!

Bailey LaSage