Business Highlight: NRG

The What

NRG is a green energy producer dedicated to clean energy initiatives. This company provides business and private home with natural and renewable energy. In order to ensure their consumers are getting the best product, NRG is dedicated to technological innovation across the country.

Pass The Gas

In California, coal plants are being transformed into natural gas facilities that create a more reliable, renewable grid. Additionally, NRG is building the Carlsbad Energy Center in Carlsbad, California. This 527 MW natural gas plant will significantly reduce carbon emissions by reducing startup time from half a day to 10 minutes. Furthermore, in Texas the company is building a 360 MW gas fired plant which will use economical fast-start combustion turbines which will power 72,000 homes. The speed of these units allows renewable solar and wind energy to be integrated in to the power grid.

NRG believes that removing carbon from coal plants is an important step in creating environmentally friendly energy plants. NRG in partner with JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration have created Petra Nova, the world’s largest post- combustion carbon capture project. This initiative includes enhanced oil recovery which serves to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, increase crude oil production and provide economic benefits.

NRG’s Bright Idea

The Philadelphia Eagles have been soaring to new heights in clean energy with the help of NRG. This company has installed more than 11,000 solar panels and 14 micro wind turbines at Philadelphia Eagles Stadium for on-site power generation. This project generated 3 MW of peak power making it the largest producer of solar energy in the Philadelphia area and in any pro football field. The Solar panels are incorporated into the design of the stadium in order to display the fields commitment to clean energy. The solar panels were designed specifically to withstand weather conditions, fireworks or game- related damages.

Similar initiative has been implemented at Gillette Stadium. The football stadium has been looking extra sharp with their new solar canopy and rooftop panels. In addition to this, the stadium has incorporated a reflective roof, energy-efficient lights and Energy Star qualified equipment.

Renewable energy? I’m a big fan

NRG is improving upon the 4,000-year-old windmill to be more energy efficient. The company owns 32 wind farms in various locations across the United States. One wind turbine can power 500 homes and, altogether, the wind farms produce 3,000 MW of energy.

Want to hear something cool?

NRG Energy Centers generate power and use energy efficient systems to heat and cool building from a single source. These centers provide heating and cooling to more than 10 million square feet of building across the U.S. These plants incorporate cogeneration to use heat from the energy centers and turn it into useful energy by producing steam used for industrial processes. This method is efficient, uses half as much fuel as the standard practices and reduces energy costs.

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Sarah Taber