Business Highlight: New Belgium Brewery

What Is It?

New Belgium Brewery (NBB) is an environmentally friendly company that not only makes great products, but also strives to make a difference in our society. The company accomplishes this task by using the love of beer for both enjoyment and making a positive impact. NBB is employee owned and creates a variety of Belgian inspired beers.


New Belgium seeks to produce world-class beer while encouraging customers to drink responsibly. The company staunchly protects nature by carefully choosing its ingredients and preventing waste of agriculture, energy, and water. NBB strives to be an example showing how businesses can cause positive change. Additionally, New Belgium strives to enhance the lives of its employees and support the communities it is a part of.


NBB understands that they cannot achieve their goals alone; therefore, they participate in advocacy and encourage politicians to craft policies to preserve natural resources and energy.

New Belgium opened a second brewery in Asheville, North Carolina. This land, along with the Fort Collins brewery, is built on previously developed land in order to revitalize it. Instead of disturbing untouched land or natural habitats, they choose to put in extra work to improve a ruined area.

Along with other breweries, New Belgium signed the Brewery Climate Declaration which educates businesses, politicians, and the public of the economic revenue which comes from protecting the environment.

Additionally, NBB has joined the Brewers for Clean and Abundant Water. This endeavor includes dozens of brewers who support efforts to preserve water and keep it clean. NBB has a waste diversion specialist who is dedicated to finding a place for waste to be reused. The company constantly tries to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The brewery has a lot of bright ideas. A good percentage of electricity used by the company is produced via solar energy and biogas (breakdown of organic matter into gasses). Additionally, they replaced lighting in one their warehouses with LEDs in order to conserve energy. Furthermore, New Belgium works hard to conserve water. For breweries who depend on crops, this is not an easy process. In order to reduce water waste, the company sets goals for itself.

Queen B

New Belgium Brewing has been named “B Corp Best for the Environment” for its environmental activism. Companies are given this title by B lab if they meet high standards for their contributions to their workers, the communities and the environment. This list is meant to showcase businesses who use their resources to make the world a better place.

We all Scream for Ice Cream

As if this company couldn’t get any sweeter, New Belgium has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to support climate awareness.  Ben & Jerry’s crafted salted caramel brownie brown ale ice cream (yum!) and NBB made the same recipe into beer. In 2016 the company released cookie dough flavored beer. Yup, you read that correctly! l The two companies together donated over $100,000 to Protect Our Winters. Additionally, they helped fans send letters to politicians to support the Clean Power Plan. Talk about a sweet deal.

Paying it Forward

New Belgium places high value in charity. In 1995, they began donating $1 for every barrel of beer sold. The company has a specific department dedicated to allocating funds to charities. The co-workers participate in volunteerism and even get compensated for their efforts.

Sarah Taber