Why NCEW Matters

Why does National Clean Energy Week matter?

With renewable energy creating jobs at twelves times the rate of the rest of the economy and 75% of millennial voters saying they would support a candidate or elected official who supports clean energy, it is time to allow clean energy its time in the national spotlight.

Allowing clean energy to be put into the national spotlight will both increase education and increase awareness to the positive impacts it could and will have on our nation's future. It is a stepping stone for dialogue, events, and awareness of just what this can do for our country. Clean energy creates jobs, allows for a strengthening in our national security, and allows us to try to preserve the environment entrusted to us. By allowing this to be a hot issue for a larger group of people, we also open the door for new ideas and innovations to occur.

In a nation where the environment and conservation are on their way to becoming even more hot button issues than they already are, a week dedicated to the proper education of the various types of energy as well their effect on the world around us has the ability to spark the interest of those who are not yet involved in the movement. The more people involved are the more people are reached by the organization messages.

Additionally, it has the ability to form relationships between groups that can work together to be achieve our common goal of promoting clean energy and showing others why this is the best way for our nation to go. A week dedicated to raising awareness is about more than the topic of the week, it’s about forming the foundation to continue the week after.

Promoting clean energy to the nation, our communities, and our peers will allow for us to show how the future of the nation can go. It can take a path where conservatives are at the table discussing the needs for our nation to protect our resources, prevent the destruction of lands, and use emerges that promote our values of the nation. We have the ability to advocate for policy change and innovation that will bring this country to this future and secure it’s place as a world power moving forward. With that, I encourage you to participate in this coming week. Attend events, engage in dialogue on social media and in person, to discuss the need for more clean energy in the nation, as well as what it can do.

For more information on National Clean Energy Week, please visit https://nationalcleanenergyweek.org/ 

Bailey LaSage