How You Can Support Clean Energy

When it comes to supporting clean energy, one might believe you have to go as far as installing solar panels to be a green energy consumer. This, however, is not the case. There are several ways a homeowner can turn their home into a more efficient and green household without breaking the bank.

1. Cut back on your energy consumption

Not only will you be doing a favor to your wallet, but you’ll be doing one for the environment as well. Switching to LED bulbs, using less AC, washing your clothes in cold water, and taking shorter showers will all minimize your electricity bill and the demand for energy.

2. Donate to clean energy organizations

There are countless nonprofits, such as the ACC, that are advocates for clean energy every day. Support their efforts by donating whatever you can to help them stay fighting for better energy solutions. You can donate to the ACC here:

3. Make your opinion known

Write and call your representatives and senators to let them know why you value clean energy and why you would like to see them advocate for free market, renewable energy solutions.

4. Vote

Put environmental issues further up on your list of concerns when campaign season comes along. See that you are helping to elect individuals who support clean energy solutions and will make investing in renewable, green energy a solution during their time in office.

5. Invest in clean energy for your home

One of the simplest ways to do this is to make your house more airtight. Often times, air leaks account for a large sum of the heat your furnace gains or lose. Making your house more airtight will save you money and ensure that you are not wasting energy. If you have the means to, investing in solar panels and home wind turbines are two of the best ways to advance the cause of clean energy and cut back on emissions.

Alana Bannan