NCEW Fun Facts: Hydro

Today is all about hydro energy!

  1. It is the most commonly used renewable energy source

  2. Worldwide hydro energy generates enough electricity to reach 28.3 million people

  3. Over half of the hydro energy generated in the United States comes from Washington, Oregon, and California

  4. Niagara Falls serves as a major hydroelectric plant

  5. Over 70% of Washington State’s energy comes from hydro energy

  6. States that rely on hydro energy for the majority of their energy have lower electricity bills

  7. Hydro energy accounts for 7% of the energy generated in the United States

  8. Hydro energy is the main energy source for more than 30 countries

  9. Rainfall averages are predictable, making hydro energy one of the most reliable energy sources

  10. Hydro energy is the least expensive form of renewable energy

Alana Bannan