Common Clean Energy Misconceptions Debunked

The ACC has taken National Clean Energy Week as an opportunity to show you how pursuing innovation in clean, renewable energy is, in fact, conservative. While we may have debunked the myth that renewable energy pursuits are not conservative, individuals still have lingering misconceptions regarding the sources of energy themselves. It is important to understand that the myths revolving around clean energy are just that: myths. The ideas that clean, renewable energy is too expensive, dangerous for wildlife, and is a job killer are all simply not true and continue to be debunked as innovation in the energy field continues.

Energy voters may be apprehensive to support clean energy options because they believe they will be more costly. This, however, is not the case. To begin with, renewable energy does not have an input cost as the source of energy is already made available to us. As innovation continues to develop, the cost of renewable energy continues to go down. For example, the price of renewable energy in Australia is cheaper than energy generated from coal. On a smaller, more individual scale, many also wrongly believe turning their home into a clean energy haven is too expensive. Not only are solar panels cheaper than they ever been, but they also have a large payoff: on average, solar panels add $6,000 to a home’s resale value. They can also help you shrink your monthly electricity bill. To find out how much your home could save with solar panels, use Energy Sage’s solar calculator.

One major concern individuals have with wind energy is that it will kill too many birds and other wildlife. While a valid concern, it is becoming less and less of a problem. The key to avoiding such travesty is to ensure that before installing wind turbines, the company conducts environmental impact assessments and looks at bird migratory patterns. Additionally, innovation in wind energy is paving the way for wind turbines that are safer for birds. SheerWind’s INVELOX technology is bird safe as it is made for low wind areas.

The economy is on almost every American’s mind and the worry that a switch to renewable energy will kill jobs is a pressing fear for those opposed to clean energy. Despite this, clean energy has created 4.5 million jobs in the United States and is creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the US, according to Fortune. There are more job opportunities in the clean energy sector than with coal because of the diversity within renewable energy. Additionally, according to the US Department of Energy’s 2017 US Energy and Employment Report, solar energy employs more than gas, coal, and oil combined.

With so much misleading information on renewable energy, it is easy to be of the belief that clean, renewable energy creates more problems than it solves. However, clean energy innovation is on the rise, cheaper than ever, and creating more jobs for the American population. Clean energy is not only the conservative choice-- it is the smart choice for the future of our nation.

Alana Bannan