The Success of #WhyIConserve

As we enjoyed this holiday season, political tensions remained high. Debates concerning healthcare and tax policy have led to tense political rhetoric. Here at the ACC, our launching of the #WhyIConserve hashtag refreshingly brought people together and indicated the growth of conservative environmentalism. As of this piece, the hashtag reached an impressive number of people – 1,518,640 to be exact!

This hashtag was designed to bring conservatives into environmental conversations, as these discussions are typically dominated by far left groups. Despite accusations of being anti-environment, many conservatives, and especially millennials, are advocating for market-based environmental policy. For many years, the big government approach to handling the environment has often proved ineffective and it’s time for us to implement free market solutions.

Let it be known that the ACC is not a lone voice in this movement, as many prominent conservatives engaged with this hashtag and demonstrated the importance of preserving our precious planet. Notably, conservative icons Ben Shapiro and Rick Wilson indicated why they conserve. Some of my personal favorites are included below:

Photo 1.jpg
Photo 2.jpg
Photo 3.jpg
Photo 4.jpg


These represent only a fraction of the many brilliant tweets that energized the #WhyIConserve discussion. It’s important to remember conservation and conservatism complement each other; the conservative movement has a long history of advocating for conservation, spanning from Teddy Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan. It’s time for us to bring our ideas to the table. We’re not pushing for exclusively conservative environmental discussions, but our ideas are valuable and could solve the problems that big government approaches have failed to account for. To make true progress, however, you first have to energize people, and #WhyIConserve did just that.

Ronnie Thompson