Policy: American Water Infrastructure Act

There’s nothing more vital to every American community than access to clean water. That’s why Congress advanced the American Water Infrastructure Act — a bi-partisan piece of legislation, aimed at addressing the critical needs of American communities challenged with inefficient water supplies and aged infrastructure.

America’s water infrastructure is key to the economic success and competitiveness of the United States. That’s why Congressional leaders from both sides of the political aisle worked together to address the challenges plaguing America’s vital water infrastructure. From drinking water supply systems to dams and reservoirs essential for clean energy creation and flood control, to even shipping lanes and sea ports vital for trade and American industry, water infrastructure serves the key interest of communities —  both big and small — throughout the United States, and ensures American communities are provided the resources necessary for healthy and vibrant living.

Unfortunately, given economic hardships and political gridlock in year’s past, water infrastructure had historically been overlooked — with little to no action from Congress to address the vital needs of communities lacking resources and/or abilities to invest, maintain or operate water systems within their respective lands and regions.

Given the recent passage of the American Water Infrastructure Act, the vital needs of American communities are once again being addressed, with President Trump signing the legislation into law and hailing the legislative wins it delivers for the United States, and the American people.

Here are just a few of the legislative wins the America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 delivers for American communities:

  • Authorizes federal funding for water infrastructure projects

  • Expands the country's water storage capabilities

  • Upgrades wastewater/drinking water systems — a vital component of every American community, and necessary for the health, well-being and quality living standards of all Americans.

  • Authorizes federal funds for a vast array of water infrastructure projects and program nationwide, such as upgrades to irrigation systems to investments in sea ports and dredging projects to support economic growth and expansion opportunities.

  • Replenish shorelines impacted by erosion and hurricanes on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

And that’s just some of the gains we, as American taxpayers, will receive from the Act’s authorization.

It’s also important to note the Act’s role in supporting and facilitating investment in America’s drinking water supply system, and the creation of new federal programs and guidelines for State’s and local municipalities to abide by to ensure safe drinking water is accessible and within reach for all Americans. That’s why America’s Water Infrastructure Act  is widely considered to be one of most significant pieces of legislation in drinking water law history. It completely transforms the way American communities interact and engage with federal government entities to address water issues, and changes the forms of management and operation of such water systems to be more in line with cost-effective, efficient and modern-day best practices.

And the best part? The Act is fiscally responsible and will not add to the federal deficit. That’s a win-win for the American people and taxpayer.

David AcostaComment