ACC Has a Lot to be Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, we at the American Conservation Coalition have a lot to be thankful for. A number of individuals, organizations, and developments have made 2018 a tremendous year for conservative environmentalism. To showcase our gratitude, we at ACC have compiled a list to recognize those that share common goals and have contributed in our organization’s mission to change the narrative.

Conservative Environmental Champions in Congress

A number of elected officials have played an integral role in advancing conservative environmental solutions. These legislators’ efforts are often ignored, large in part due to inaccurate characterizations of the Republican Party as anti-environment. Members like Reps. Fitzpatrick, Stefanik, and Curbelo provide proof that many in the party are committed to tackling environmental issues and offering conservative solutions. The past few years have seen the creation of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and the passage of conservative-friendly bills in the areas of conservation and energy development. Many Republican legislators are working to offer alternatives to the big government proposals that too often characterize environmental policy discussions, and ACC hopes to see even more members join these efforts in the future.

Like Minded Organizations

While we at ACC are proud to be a leading voice in the conservative environmental movement, we are delighted to be joined in these efforts by an array of tremendous organizations. Groups like Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions, republicEN, ClearPath Action, and many others share common goals and are working extremely hard to engage Republicans on environmental issues and offer limited government solutions to the issues we face. Together, we can accomplish great things and put forth a powerful voice that translates into action.

Corporate-Led Stewardship

Like conservative environmental legislators, businesses and corporations are often ignored for their important contributions to sustainability. Businesses are responding to shifting consumer attitudes and taking initiative to promote environmentally-friendly practices. The examples are numerous and range across many industries. Tech giants Google and Apple now rely entirely on clean energy sources, Wells Fargo is investing billions in environmental entrepreneurs, and Anheuser-Busch plans to have carbon-free vehicles by 2025. ACC is extremely thankful for the efforts of these corporations, and many others, as their actions offer a cost-effective, bottom-up approach to environmental issues.

Innovation and Technology

Our world continues to impress with its ability to tackle problems with ever-improving innovation and technology, particularly in the clean energy sector. Continued progress with carbon capture, battery storage, and other technologies has translated into the increased viability of renewable energy. Free markets ripe for innovation have made these developments possible and will lead to a smoother transition towards clean energy. ACC is grateful for these innovation-driven markets and hopes to see these trends continue in pursuance of a more diversified and reliable energy portfolio.

Our Dedicated Team

Lastly, and most importantly, ACC is thankful for its incredible team that exhibits an unrelenting commitment to advancing the organizational goal of changing the narrative. In just over one year of existence, ACC has been able to generate an effective message and attract widespread attention thanks to its dedicated staff. ACC continues to generate traction on college campuses, Capitol Hill, and everywhere in between.

Looking Ahead

Like most, we at ACC are also guilty of looking ahead to Christmas. The organization has a Christmas wish list, and in the coming weeks and months, we would like to see a number of things happen. First, we’d like to see some conservation bills, such as the Tennessee Wilderness Act and the Emery County Public Land Management Act, be passed in Congress prior to the December 13th deadline. Secondly, we hope to see the upcoming Congress continue to pursue and place an even greater emphasis on effective, free market solutions to environmental issues. Lastly, we hope to have more individuals join our team and help to spread our growing message!

Ronnie ThompsonComment