PRESS RELEASE: The ACC Applauds the Trump Administration for WOTUS Rule Changes

Date: 12/12/2018
Contact: Bethany /

The ACC Applauds the Trump Administration for WOTUS Rule Changes

The ACC commends the Trump Administration and the EPA’s plans to change the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. This rule fixes the vague and overreaching properties of the rule in several ways:

•  The rule changes will clarify which waterways are protected under the rule, making crucial water protection decisions, permitting, and federal protection funding more efficient and streamlined.
•  Ponds, collections of water not connected to other waterways, waterways that occur after rain, and other insignificant protections will no longer be under federal rule, giving people the rights to the waters on their property back.
•  Promotes water protection and conservation through means of property rights and local control rather than orchestrating all protections from D.C.

National Policy Director Nick Lindquist said the following: “The Waters of the U.S. rule was overreaching, very unclear, and needed to be fixed. The rule changes will better protect important American waterways and better define the property rights of our waters. I am glad to see the Administration taking initiative on better protecting our waters. I also look forward to seeing private property owners, as well as localities, regain control of what is rightfully theirs.”

The ACC is pleased with this positive step forward from the Trump Administration. We hope to see the Administration continue to make decisions like these and better protect the environment in which we live.


Bethany BowraComment