Business Highlight: Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has been soaring to new heights with its conservation initiatives. The airline has dedicated significant time and money for the purpose of environmental preservation. Firstly, Delta is the official airline of Captain Plant Foundation’s Benefit gala. This program funds projects that teach children environmental awareness and how to bring about change. The program, with the help of Delta, has funded 1,915 program, 1,183,055 children and has impacted over 10 million children. Delta has also donated to the Conservation Fund and Nature Conservancy who have planted over 250,000 trees which serve to trap carbon dioxide and prevent pollution build up in the atmosphere

Delta has launched many programs to cut the carbon footprint of the company. Since the year 2000, Delta has reduced its CO2 emissions by 30%. The airline’s fleet are newer than most other airlines and 35% more fuel efficient than older aircrafts. This fleet uses the same amount of fuel as a hybrid car with one person. Furthermore, Delta uses over a thousand electric ground vehicles which significantly reduces their carbon usage and diminishes emissions. Since 2000, Delta has improved fuel efficiency by 35% and 10 % since 2005. Additionally, between the years 2000 and 2008, the airline used 1.4 fewer gallons of fuel which is parallel to removing 2.5 million cars off the road.

Delta was awarded the Fox McCarthy Water Wise award in 2005 for its water conservation progress. Since 2004, Delta has reduced water consumption by 150 million gallons per year. Also, in the Atlanta Technical Operations center, water usage has been reduced by 50% in the last five years. Delta is installing a technology which will further reduce water consumption by 80% in three years.

Delta has come up with bright ideas on electrical energy conservation that has won then the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certificate for the new terminal at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Additionally, solar panels have been implemented at certain airports along with LCD screen computers and energy efficient gate monitors.

The Airline wastes no time by reducing garbage pile up. By implementing e-tickets, paper usage has decreased significantly. Delta’s inflight recycling program has recycled over one million pounds of plastic and paper. Rebates earned from this program have been donated to Habitats for Humanity. Also, Delta instigated a carpet recycling program which recycles worn carpets which can be used as alternative fuel. This program has successfully recycled 19,00 square yards of carpet, equivalent to 4 acres of land.

Delta Airlines has won multiple awards for its Green initiatives and its conservation efforts. The company is flying high with praise and has many more environmentally friendly programs which will soon be ready for take-off.  

Sarah Taber