The ACC & Political Bias

In today’s political atmosphere, the two parties dominate the conversation when it comes to certain issues. Those on the Right tend to stick to economics and jobs, while the Left promotes the social issues. This is especially true for the conversation around environmentalism and conservation. We all live on and love this great planet that we inhabit, yet the conversation has been controlled by the Left and how government is the solution to protecting our planet.

Even when Conservatives want to discuss and get involved in protecting the planet, we often feel ostracized due to the Left’s constant need to tie environmentalism together with unrelated political issues. Take for instance the statement released by environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, EarthWorks, Clean Water Action and Center for Biological Diversity that stated they stood in solidarity with the “Dreamers.” Immigration and environmentalism...where is the correlation? There isn’t one-- and that’s the issue. Or the statement issued in 2016 by multiple environmental-leaders post the election where they bought into the fear that circled President Trump’s win. There’s even a term coined “Ecofeminism” which is the apparent connection between Environmentalism and Feminism…

By tying environmentalism in with politically polarizing issues, the Left is driving Conservatives out of the conversation; and that’s where the American Conservation Coalition comes in.  We are strictly an environmental group, we don’t try and play political games to earn points.  We believe the free market is the solution and we’re determined to continue changing the narrative without pandering; what this allows us at ACC to do is hold an honest and open conversation that will not alienate anyone, regardless of their political stance.

Kirstin Liddell