Business Highlight: Zero Mass Water

The What

Everyone knows that water is the essence of life. Countries without water have a daily struggle for survival. With rampant droughts and shortages in many developing countries, the technology to create drinking water has never been more crucial.


Zero the Hero

Zero Mass water uses innovative technology and thermodynamics to create pure, drinking water from sunlight and air. Named “SOURCE”, this hydropanel produces 4-10 liters a day and can replace up to a 20- pack of bottled water. Each panel can store 30 liters in a reservoir where is reinforced with mineral and purity. SOURCE can be found in 8 countries on 3 continents and is built to be efficient in many weather conditions including varying levels of sunlight and humidity. Equipped with both solar panels and a small battery, the technology can produce water even without sun or at night.  This water is not only drinkable, but it is filled with calcium and magnesium to ensure maximum health benefits and taste. The water ranks highest in quality in every country it is present. Zero Mass partners with charities across the globe to provide clean water to those who need.

Learn more about them at their website here.

Sarah Taber