Business Highlight: Watt Time

Watt its all about

WattTime is a non profit organization of the Rocky Mountain Institute which facilitates clean energy solutions with innovative technology. This software empowers any person with a smart device to access renewable energy and reduce carbon usage. Their system, called automated emission reduction (AER), identifies the type of energy being used and simplifies the information into data read by a smart device. Essentially, power grids experience moments of surplus clean energy and Watt Time’s software senses these moments in real time. The technology accurately detects usage of electronic devices and syncs it to clean energy moments. WattTime’s cloud based software is the only device that monitors electric usage in real time. This technology can be found in thermostats, lighting systems, charger and more.


WattTime’s software allows individuals to effortlessly choose clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Consumers are given the ability to cut energy usage and reduce cost without even thinking about it. Small efforts make big impacts when It comes to clean energy. Adapting the energy usage of water heaters and air conditioners substantially reduces carbon emissions equivalent to taking one million cars off the road.  This year, Watt Time is partnering with Princeton University to test how the software can be applied to a multi building campus. This initiative, along with their other projects, is showing how practical clean energy usage can be and how it can improve technology and the environment.

Learn more about Watt Time at their website here.

Sarah Taber