The Lost Generation

Today, the Republican Party - once known for its conservationist roots and commitment to preserving America’s natural wonders and landscapes  - has lost touch with its once held beliefs. From the establishment of National Parks to the advancement of innovative solutions and policies to bolster environmental efforts throughout the 20th century, Republicans have historically been at the forefront of conservation and environmentalism in the United States. 

Unfortunately, these truths don't hold true today. Republicans are increasingly choosing to downplay the effects and long-term impacts of climate change and ever-worsening environmental and weather events, alienating young Americans - most of whom are well-educated and well-versed on the climate challenges our planet is challenged with in light of increasing carbon levels and environmental degradation from industrialized and developing nation states. According to a recent poll from the Young Conservatives for Energy Reform - a political advocacy group committed to advancing clean, green energy solutions  - 23 percent of Republicans under 30 switched to the Democratic Party in the past two years, citing environmental issues as a signifiant influence in their decision to switch political parties. 

If the Republican Party doesn't change their approach to climate change, or adapt to the climate challenges with conservative, free market solutions, they risk losing a generation of Americans  and jeopardizing their political power and influence in America for years and decades to come. Thankfully, its never too late to act. If Republicans in Washington and in State Legislatures nationwide were to ever endorse and support a free market climate policy - one rooted in the ideals of States rights, limited government and local control  - the United States, and most importantly its people, will be better positioned and empowered to innovate, create and invest in climate solutions; from alternative forms of energy to sustainable homes and electric cars. 

If there ever was a time in human history to act and push America towards a cleaner and greener future, it would be now. 

It is my hope that the Republican Party will seize this moment and show the American people the power of free market, state-driven climate solutions, for if they don’t, Democrats will be emboldened to act on climate change with costly, big government programs with little to no regard for America’s debt. 

David Acosta