The Power of Magic…and the Sun

When you think of The Walt Disney Company, do images of solar farms shaped in the form of its most iconic mascot Mickey Mouse come to mind? If not, you're in for a real treat! At the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, Disney Park’s recently completed the construction of a solar farm made up of 48,000 panels adjacent to one of the world’s most visited theme parks, EPCOT. The project, which helped establish alternative forms of energy on the vast Disney property, is just the first of many solar farms expected to be built in the coming years.


Recently, Disney announced its plan to build a solar farm made up of over 518,000 panels. In case you're wondering, that’s large enough to power two of the four theme parks at the Disney Resort. Without a doubt, it is a tremendous feat and one in which the late Walt Disney would be incredibly proud of.

Of course, none of this would be possible if not for the proliferation and ever-decreasing cost of solar panels in the United States. Free markets forces, innovation and leadership in corporate America have helped make solar and alternative forms of energy a viable and affordable option for business seeking a cleaner, greener and more sustainable form of energy. For Disney, who’s property resides at the heart of Florida -  a state known for its sunshine and year-round warm weather - solar power, and its great potential for growth and success in the Sunshine State, provided the company the assurances and confidence they needed to invest and make solar one of the dominant energy sources in the world’s largest and most visited family destination.


But, it’s important to note that the solar panels won’t just be powering Disney’s businesses and operations. It will be powering something far more important. Annually, nearly 52 million people from around the world visit the Walt Disney World Resort and do so not only to immerse themselves in worlds of fantasy and make believe, but to witness first hand the grandeur and genius of Walt Disney and the American free enterprise system. And now, to just think that all of that grandeur and genius will only be made possible because of the sun’s power is something truly to be marveled and beheld.


Disney may be in the business of creating memories, but I know the true magic of The Walt Disney Company comes from their ability to show everyone not only what is possible, but what should be. And a world in which private corporations such as Disney invest and advance sustainable practices for the sake of doing what’s right is truly a magical place to be.

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David Acosta