A Direction in Pennsylvania


For far too long, Democrats and the political left have dominated the conversation on climate change, and have sought — through government-backed action, burdensome regulations and misguided spending programs — to advance efforts to address the adverse impacts of climate change, and the impacts such change has had, and continues to have, on the quality of life and well-being of American citizens and communities.

Fortunately, Conservatives in Pennsylvania have had enough with Democrats and leftist organizations controlling the climate change agenda and have decided to forge a new direction for the conservative movement, and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, in order to advance and include conservative ideas and limited government solutions in the climate change debate and political processes.

Last month, a group of conservative-minded individuals established the Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum — a promising organization which will provide conservatives the space and platform necessary for meaningful conservations on climate change, and offer conservative-minded thinkers the ability to advance free market ideas and limited government solutions to the climate challenges of our time.

Chad Forcey, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum, said the organization was founded “to educate the public and policy makers about the vast economic, security and conservation benefits of clean, renewable energy, while also reminding our conservative friends and colleagues that sound clean energy policies are well within the scope of our conservative principles.”

It’s an ambitious undertaking for the newly founded organization, but with the right ideas, and with support of Republican leaders in Pennsylvania, the organization is well on its way to achieving its stated goals and founding purpose.

David Acosta