Business Highlight: Deerbusters

What is Deerbusters?

According to Jennifer Smith of Deerbusters, the company has been rated as one of the most trusted names in the fence industry since 1984. Deerbusters in located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and is an e-commerce business offering do-it-yourself (DIY) wildlife exclusion fencing to protect landscapes from deer and critter damage. Deerbusters is a division of Trident Enterprises Deer Fence --- a wholesale wildlife fencing solutions provider. Deerbusters provides fencing to the homeowners, small and large-scale farms, garden centers, universities, and environmental groups with quality plastic and PVC-coated metal fences for landscape conservation and wildlife protection.



How “DIY” are the fences?

Jennifer stated that with some helping hands, a Deerbusters deer fence can be built in a weekend! These fences were created with the beginner in mind, there is no need to pour cement, use heavy equipment, or hire an expensive fence installer to assemble the DIY fence! It truly is DIY; Deerbusters provides downloadable, printable instructions, and for those that prefer to “see then do” has an instruction video available.


How can Deerbusters be used to promote the conservation movement?

While deer are important to the environment, they are also very destructive. Jennifer explained it as, “deer know which plants to browse each season; and, they will stop at nothing to eat them. While searching for food, they rub their antlers on trees causing damage to the bark. In the process, they drop ticks on the ground. Instead of calling on deer hunters to reduce the number of deer, Deerbusters offers a peaceful resolution by fencing out the wildlife from the landscapes, thus protecting plants and the wild animals.”


Did I hear discount?

Jennifer and the Deerbusters company has graciously offered 10% off fence materials to supporters of the American Conservation Coalition with the discount code “ACC18” at checkout!

Kirstin Liddell