PRESS RELEASE: ACC Refutes Mother Jones Article, Stands with Students For Liberty and Participating Corporations

Date: 1/28/2019
contact: Bethany /

The American Conservation Coalition disagrees with the characterization put forth by Mother Jones about Students For Liberty and their national conference, LibertyCon. In an article published on January 28th, Mother Jones claimed that LibertyCon was a climate-change denial conference, citing only one panel at the event and included a statement made by Reps. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Pingree (D-ME)  shaming corporate sponsors Microsoft, Google, and Facebook for their involvement. However, the article ignored the carbon tax debate hosted by ACC that occurred at LibertyCon, as well as new steps being taken by tech companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

ACC President Benji Backer said: “ACC is proud of its participation in LibertyCon, and of the efforts being made by Students For Liberty to create an inclusive atmosphere for environmental conversations. Corporations like Microsoft and Google are powered by 100% renewable energy and we commend their involvement at LibertyCon. Steps like these are crucial to reducing climate change, and to leading the way for other businesses to follow.”

Conferences like this provide a place for dialogue about effective solutions, and allow all voices a seat at the table. Including dissenting voices in conversations such as these is a crucial step in correcting misinformation and helping people to understand the impact of climate change. ACC disagrees with the Mother Jones article and stands with these corporations and Students For Liberty. We hope that in the future, Reps. Ocasio-Cortez and Pingree will obtain all surrounding facts before rushing to judgment on a conference and corporations, as transpired in this case.


Bethany BowraComment