Evaluating the Green New Deal Using "The Office" GIFs

Since the start of the new Congress, climate change and environmental issues have made their way to the forefront of national political debates. Much of this newfound attention has to do with the widely covered Green New Deal, a proposal that takes climate alarmism to the next level. While many of its policy recommendations are borderline laughable, it’s important for conservatives to recognize that without proposing our own solutions, we risk making the Green New Deal the standard for environmental policy moving forward.

There have been many fantastic conservative critiques of the Green New Deal, but what better way to showcase its flaws than with a compilation of GIFs from The Office. This approach, just like Michael Scott always does, gets straight to the point and adds a little humor to an otherwise contentious debate.

When the Green New Deal excludes nuclear and hydro – two sources of reliable, low impact energy – in its quest to achieve 100 percent clean energy in 10 years:

When the Green New Deal lays out the goal of replacing or upgrading all existing buildings within the next 10 years to improve energy efficiency:

When the Green New Deal pushes to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from every sector in the economy and make it to where commercial air travel isn’t necessary: (even one of the proposal’s staunchest supporters, Senator Mazie Hirono, is skeptical of this measure, saying that it would be “pretty hard for Hawaii.”)

When someone says that the Green New Deal is just the latest alarmist, politically driven environmental proposal designed to spark outrage and pressure action:

If its proponents truly believe that eliminating fossil fuels in ten years is absolutely necessary, then why would they divert attention away from that issue by also including demands for universal healthcare, stronger collective bargaining rights, housing guarantees, and a range of other left-wing policies in the proposal? Rather than being an environmentally focused policy proposal, it seems that the Green New Deal is instead a catch-all litmus test for Democrats and a mechanism to combine all of their radical ideas into one document.

Let’s keep using Office GIFs, but this time to demonstrate the effectiveness of conservative environmental policies that deserve more attention!

An all-of-the-above energy approach that removes subsidies, allowing alternatives to compete with one another and deliver the cheapest, cleanest, and most efficient sources of energy to consumers:

Allowing businesses and consumers to take the lead on stewardship without the need for burdensome government mandates:

Empowering innovation in carbon capture, storage, and transmission capabilities as means to lower renwables prices rather than through regressive subsidies:

There are so many free market environmental policies worth championing, and it’s so important that we conservatives both critique radical proposals like the Green New Deal and advocate for our own solutions. Whether you’re involved in conversation with a friend or sharing GIFs from The Office, there are many ways to engage on environmental issues from a conservative perspective and we at ACC encourage you to help us change the narrative!

Ronnie ThompsonComment