Conservative Environmentalism Reached Over 3 Million People

The American Conservation Coalition is not exactly shy about our mission. Not only do we know that conservatives have solutions to environmental issues, but we also believe that conservatives raising their voices on these issues is integral to changing the pervasive narrative behind anyone right-of-center and environmentalism.

Conservatives do not hate the environment. Pro-free-market is not anti-conservation. #WhyIConserve is our fun way of proving that. The #WhyIConserve campaign first launched in December 2017. You can check out that recap here, but in short, the goal of #WhyIConserve is to bring conservative voices into conservation conversations. We are in essence, providing direct evidence against the “Republicans hate the environment” schtick.

The December 2017 campaign became a Twitter trending topic and reached 1,518,640 people. We decided to bring it back and, hopefully, make it better than before to reach even more people and spread our message further.


We reached out to prominent conservative voices in our network to help us accomplish this mission. We received video and/or quote submissions from Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Joy Villa, Kassy Dillon, Bethany Mandel, and Cameron Gray to name a few. On June 12th, we shared out a mix of video and quote submissions through our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. It was a fun day of retweets and Instagram stories. We ultimately received a positive response and ACC’s digital team was so happy to be able to engage with so many conservatives on why conservation is important to them.

WhyIConserve MindMap.png

We took the liberty of grouping all of our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram submissions into a mindmap. The graph below outlines the majority of the themes from #WhyIConserve 2019.

While we didn’t become a Twitter trend again, we were able to garner 4,834,619 impressions and reach 3,649,702 unique accounts. It’s nice to trend, but ultimately I’m proud that our message was able to reach more people than before. Days like #WhyIConserve are necessary to dismantle the narrative against anyone right-of-center and environmentalism. We know our work is done when the passion and sentiment behind #WhyIConserve becomes an everyday phenomenon.

From saving the bees to saving the economy, conservatives have many different reasons to value conservation. Although our motivations may differ, it is critical that we all come together in favor of land and ocean protection initiatives. Like the three ocean acidification bills (H.R. 1921, H.R. 1237, H.R. 1716) that recently passed the House, for example.

Moving forward we are working to build on the momentum from this campaign and continue to advocate for free-market, commonsense solutions to conservation, carbon emissions, sportsmen's rights, agriculture, energy, and more. The Digital department has a variety of exciting projects and initiatives in the works and we can’t wait to bring you in on them. For now, continue to follow our work on social media and keep making your voice heard on environmental issues!