Hate Shipping Boxes? LimeLoop's New Campaign Might Just Make Your Day

With the new year finally here and warm holiday memories, it’s time to give some recognition to a company that is working to banish one of my greatest annoyances...shipping boxes. I kid you not, I have a stack of cardboard boxes in my closet that is taller than I am (blame my Amazon Prime addiction). This is a company you’ve got to know about: LimeLoop, the company we discussed in my earlier post during innovation month who is changing the game when it comes to shipping packages by creating a sustainable option, launched a holiday surprise for the average consumer (That’s you and me buddy)! The campaign that launched on November 28th through Indiegogo sold reusable shippers to the consumer so they could be eco-friendly during the holiday season. Who doesn’t want to save the environment while spreading holiday and new year cheer? Go LimeLoop!

The process was fairly simple: consumers could purchase their shipper, pack up their present, zip it up and secure the packer with a zip tie or string, and then send the package as they normally would have. Once the package was received by the recipient, they could then use the same shipper to send a gift back. Goodbye annoying cardboard boxes that cause me to trip every time I walk into my room...is that just me? (Please tell me someone else has this issue…)

According to LimeLoop’s press release, “If traditional shipping methods were replaced with LimeLoop’s shipping solution this holiday season, approximately 4.5 million trees, 6 billion gallons of water, 14 million gallons of oil will be saved. To top it off, 80 percent on emissions would be saved. That’s enough gas for a road trip halfway around the U.S.” I am shook and so hyped for LimeLoop to launch another campaign so I can hop on this eco-friendly shipping train!

Actually...it looks like the campaign is still active, so brb, off to go purchase a shipper!