Bethany Bowra, Communications Director

Bethany Bowra is a Political Science PhD student and specializes in mass communications and social media.  She has worked various capacities in conservative media for several years, writing for multiple national news sites and sharing a millennial perspective on current events.

In her capacity as Communications Director, Bethany manages media relations for ACC and promotes the message of ACC to outside publications and news outlets, as well as oversees the online efforts of the organization.

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Katie Hogge, Deputy Editor

Katie Hogge is a writer and editor with a passion for wildlife education and marine conservation. Currently working for the Ocean Conservancy in Washington, DC, she obtained her degree in communication and leadership studies from Christopher Newport University in 2016, and has worked in public relations and communications for a number of outdoor, recreation, and travel groups. 

At ACC, she helps lead the content curation and production process and aides the Communications Director and leadership team in creating content that sparks a change. She’s also obsessed with whales, loves Alabama football, and will never let you forget that every week is Shark Week.



Brittany Chapa, Communications Researcher

Brittany Chapa is currently a senior at Abilene Christian University where she studies political science and is a member of the Speech and Debate team. After she graduates, she plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Communications. She has previously written for publications such as OUTSET Magazine, and is a dedicated researcher for a variety of topics.

She is also obsessed with otters, loves Taylor Swift, and is excited to join the ACC team as a researcher.



Ronnie Thompson, Staff Writer

Ronnie Thompson is currently a senior at the University of Georgia, where he studies political science and environmental law. He enjoys using his voice to promote conservative ideals in a variety of areas, particularly when it comes to environmental and energy issues.

Since joining ACC, Ronnie has been published in a number of widely circulated outlets, including IJR and Townhall. He thoroughly enjoys aiding in ACC’s efforts to promote an environmental agenda built upon conservative principles of free markets and limited government.  



Meghan Miller, Staff Writer

Meghan Miller is a recent graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, where she studied Corporate Leadership and minored in psychology and agriculture. During college, she served as a senator in MTSU’s Student Government Association and enjoyed volunteering around the community. She also served on the board at her local equestrian organization as the Communications Chair and the Volunteer Coordinator. Meghan is considering going to graduate school to study law, political science, or international relations.

Though she grew up in Michigan, Meghan currently resides in the South (but will always be a Yankee at heart). She loves hiking (duh), traveling anywhere and everywhere, showing horses, and is always in search of the world’s best chai tea latte. Meghan is excited to merge her passions for writing, civic engagement, conservative principles, and the earth into her role at ACC.



David Acosta, Staff Writer

David Saul Acosta is a graduate student at Harvard University, currently pursuing a masters degree in International Relations. He joined ACC as a staff writer to advance free market environmentalism and practical solutions through his active blogging and contributions to the ACC blog and social media platforms.

David is passionate about civic engagement and local politics, and as a resident of Miami-Dade County, has sought to actively participate in the political debates of his community. He currently serves as Political Action Director of Miami Young Republicans, where he facilitates political activism for members of the organization and highlights the platforms and ideals of the Republican Party on social media.


kirstin liddell.jpg

Kirstin Liddell, Staff Writer

Kirstin is a Senior at Keuka College in New York where she majors in History and Political Science. As the daughter of small business owners, she knows first hand the effects Big Government policies can have on the foundation of our society. As a resident of the small town of Waddington, New York she understands the importance of preserving the beauty of the Earth and protecting its resources, because “what would a small town be without its beauty?”

When Kirstin is not working in her parent’s restaurant you can find her tweeting, exploring her beautiful college town, or at a wine tasting.



Grace Ourada, staff Writer

Grace is currently a junior at Winona State University, studying political science and journalism. After she graduates, she hopes to travel and write as a journalist, focusing on the many environmental issues the world faces today. 

She has always been passionate about the environment and is looking forward to gaining lifelong connections and teachings from her experience with ACC. In her free time, she loves to run, spend time with friends and family, and relax in coffee shops.



Kelvey Vander Hart, Staff Writer

Kelvey Vander Hart is a freelance writer and fundraiser based out of Kansas City. In 2018, she graduated from Hannibal-LaGrange University with her Bachelor of Science in Social Work. During her time at HLGU, she served as Student Senate President. Kelvey is a native Iowan (and proud of it) and clerked for two years in the Iowa State Legislature before moving to Missouri. 

In her time as a freelancer, Kelvey has written for several publications around the country; she's excited to blend her love for writing and for the environment through her work with ACC. Kelvey is passionate about Jesus, conservatism, and great coffee. When not working, you can find her cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or boxing at the gym.



Chris Barnard, Communications Researcher

Chris Barnard is ACC's first overseas recruit! He lives and studies near London, in the United Kingdom, whilst also holding a Belgian passport. He will be looking to pursue a Master's in International Relations at the London School of Economics. Chris is passionate about both the Environment and Politics.

He is an avid camper, a nature-loving mountain-trekker, and life-long football player (real football, not 'soccer'). He joined ACC to combine his political beliefs with his love for the environment.



Inna Oh, Communications Intern

Inna Oh is a senior at Colorado College where she majors in Environmental Policy. She focuses her studies on the economic, political, and social aspects of environmentalism, and is interested in the ways in which we can communicate environmental issues. Inna has been passionate about environmental studies since she attended The Island School on Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas, where she studied marine ecology and conducted research on the biodiversity of deep-sea fauna in the Exuma Sound. She recently spent a semester at The University of Sydney where she studied environmental policy and marketing/business.

Born and raised in Boston, Inna recently moved to the heart of Washington D.C. and goes to school surrounded by the mountains in Colorado Springs. When not attending to her studies, you can find her exploring the city, skiing the rockies, or planning her next travels.