College Republican Clean Energy Coalition Expands to 30 states

The following 30 College Republican State Chairs agree that it is time to address clean energy from a conservative, free-market perspective. We are proud to have their support and we look forward to expanding this coalition to include an even wider array signatories.

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ACC Announces College Republican State Chair Clean Energy Coalition


The ACC is proud to announce this cohort of CR State Chair supporters of its Clean Energy Coalition during the first annual National Clean Energy Week.

The list of signatories includes:

Honorary Clean Energy Coalition Co-Chairs

Paul Cuesta, NY State CR Chair
Bethanie Cooper, NV State CR Chair

Signatories - Wave 1

  • Dan Passen, NH State CR Chair
  • Jason Ross, MA State CR Chair
  • Bana Hadid, RI State CR Chair
  • Ty Seymour, CT State CR Chair
  • Jacob Veitch, MD State CR Chair
  • Dan Worthington, DE State CR Chair
  • Garrett White, NC State CR Chair
  • Jonah Wendt, TX State CR Vice-Chair
  • Molly Turner, OK State CR Chair
  • Marina Herrera, NM State CR Chair
  • Emilio Navarrete, AZ State CR Chair
  • Aaron Covarrubias, OR State CR Chair
  • Nicholas Gervasini, WA State CR Chair
  • Chaz Rivas, AK State CR Chair
  • Madison Faupel, MN State CR Chair
  • Michael Fredrickson, IA State CR Chair
  • Jake Lubenow, WI State CR Chair
  • Tom Ferrall, OH State CR Chair

Signatories - Wave 2

  • Isaac Michaud, ME State CR Chair
  • Victoria Biondolillo, VT State CR Chair
  • Ashley Rosone, NJ State CR Chair
  • Nadia Elgendy, VA State CR Chair
  • Tyler Hughes, SC State CR Chair
  • Andrew Kapanowski, MI State CR Chair
  • Elizabeth Todsen, NE State CR Chair
  • Austin Gilpin, KS State CR Chair
  • Emily Larsen, ID State CR Chair
  • Natalie Callahan, former UT State CR Chair


College Republicans are strongest voice of millennial conservatives. It is an honor to recognize these signatories today.

ACC President Benji Backer echoed this idea stating, “Conservative millennials are ready to lead the charge on common sense energy and environmental policies rooted in a free-market approach. I am excited to see these CR State Chairs take the lead on these issues.”

Honorary Clean Energy Coalition Chairman Paul Cuesta said, “If we are truly the leaders of the free world, then America must become a global leader in the transition toward clean energy for our future.”

CRNC National Chair Chandler Thornton said, “It's exciting to see College Republicans nationwide embracing a free-market approach to clean energy. Building support for these policies is a great opportunity for conservatives to take the lead on energy and environmental issues."



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Questions about this coalition of support?

Email for more information about these organizations or how your own organization can join.