Lucero Cantu, Digital Director

Lucero Cantu is a communications strategist looking for her niche at the intersection of communication strategy and political science. She graduated from the University of North Texas (UNT) with her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. During her time at UNT, Lucero helped build an IGNITE chapter from the ground up and later served as Vice President. 

Lucero has spent her undergraduate and postgraduate career honing in her communications skills at xREZ Art + Science Lab. At ACC, Lucero leads the digital department to grow ACC’s online presence and spread the message of conservative environmentalism through digital channels.

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Logan Williams, Graphic Designer

Logan Williams is a Freshman at Towson University, where he is studying Law and American Civilization. Prior to attending college, he gained experience working in government and politics as a staffer for a Maryland Delegate, as well as numerous campaigns across the state. Logan's passion for politics led him to the field of communication, where he specializes in photography and graphic design. 

With ACC, Logan hopes to effectively communicate the message of conservation through social media and design. 


Alana Bannan, Social Media Contributior 

Alana is a 19 year old college sophomore. She attends Washington State University where she is earning a double major in strategic communications and broadcast journalism as well as minors in Spanish in political science. She is passionate about ocean conservation and enjoys advocating for the cause in her role on ACC’s communications team. In her free team, she enjoys reading, a good cup of coffee, and cheering for the OKC Thunder and Portland Blazers. 



Lana Van Till, Social Media Contributor

Lana Van Til is a senior at Hope College studying Political Science and Communication, Additionally, she currently serves as the Chairwoman of Hope College Republicans. This past spring, she interned at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., and has previously worked on several Senate campaigns. Outside of politics and environmental issues, her passions include strategic communications and social media outreach, so that everyone can stay informed on important issues.

When Lana is not reading or tweeting, she can typically be found by the water. Places from her childhood, such as the shores of Lake Michigan or the beaches of Oahu drive her passion to show that conservation is a bipartisan issue.