Bethany bowra, communications director

Bethany is a recent graduate of Florida Atlantic University, where she received her Bachelor's degree in political science and minor in psychology.  During her undergraduate study, she founded several campus clubs and helped bring conservative voices to South Florida.

As an active member of the media for a number of years, Bethany has seen the impact the narrative can have on the perception of various issues.  As communications director, she will work to provide a voice for conservatives who are passionate about our protecting our environment.

She will begin work on her Master's degree in August 2017 and is a front page writer at


bailey La sage, Social Media Director

Bailey is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison studying Political Science and Spanish. She serves as the Public Relations Director for the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans and the Social Media Director for College Republicans at UW-Madison. She is also contributor for Future Female Leaders. 

She entered politics after realizing that the science field was not for her, becoming active in College Republicans, volunteering on a congressional campaign, and interning for a congressman. Bailey believes in personal responsibility, state based solutions, and using conservative ideals when approaching environmental issues.  Growing up, her family cultivated a love of hiking and hunting, which lead to this respect and love of God's creation.

 When she isn’t refreshing her social media feeds, she enjoys being in a hunting field, reading classics, and listening to Catholic podcasts. 


Elise yost, social media Manager

Elise is a junior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington majoring political science and minoring in psychology. On campus, she is a member of Alpha Xi Delta, UNCW Dance Company, and UNCW College Republicans, where she currently serves as their Administrative Vice President.

In 2016, Elise joined Future Female Leaders as a contributor and is now one of their cabinet members. She is very passionate about closing the gap between young female voters and the Republican Party. During the summer of 2016, she spent the majority of her time door knocking and phone banking for conservative candidates.

Having grown up in Appleton, Wisconsin, Elise is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers and looks forward to many more Super Bowl victories. In her free time, she can be found dancing, sleeping on Wrightsville Beach, or laughing with her friends and family. 


eric lagergren, digital director

Eric is a software engineer from Washington state. Prior entering the technology industry, Eric volunteered for a state representative which sparked his passion for politics. Eric has over four years of grassroots experience running campaigns, working for independent expenditures, and serving on the executive boards of several political organizations.

Eric appreciates having grown up in a state with four seasons, even if it does drizzle nine months out of the year. He considers himself lucky that his state offers luscious rain forests, sprawling deserts and plateaus, gorgeous mountains, and almost 160 miles of pristine coastline. His desire to keep the Pacific Northwest beautiful and healthy drives his interest in conservation.  

When he’s not working (or stuck in miles of I-5 traffic), you’ll probably find Eric outdoors hiking or shooting, at the gym, or fixing the latest broken part on his little old Corolla.


Kevin Kane, digital Marketing manager

Kevin is a recent graduate from Boston College with a degree in Political Science and History. A Pennsylvania native, he returned to the Philadelphia area after graduation, working in small business management. 

Kevin's interest in policy and politics stems from his experience as a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Focusing specifically on national security, healthcare, and environmental issues, he has advocated for common sense solutions in various projects and volunteer work. 

Kevin plans to pursue his Master's degree this fall. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family, running, and celebrating our sweet freedom. 


Alana Bannan, communications



Liam Verses, Staff Writer

Liam is originally from San Antonio, Texas, where he graduated summa cum laude from high school; he is moving to Austin to enter as a freshman at The University of Texas.  In addition to studying Environmental Engineering, Liam is joining Plan II—an interdisciplinary, liberal arts honors program—and Jefferson Scholars—a six-course sequence on the great books and ideas of the ancient, medieval, and modern times.  He hopes to employ his “left-brain, right-brain” education to effect positive change in a tumultuous world.

Liam got his start in politics early, volunteering with a Texas politician's campaign, writing for a conservative magazine and the "Write of Center" column in the local paper, getting involved in the Texas Republican Party, and serving as President of the Young Republicans chapter at his campus all before graduating from high school.  He aspires to include ACC in this next chapter of his life by calling for common-sense reform in the environmental policy arena and by bridging an increasingly wide partisan split on an array of issues, especially the environment.

Besides running around, attempting to balance a full plate, Liam enjoys Netflix (most notably House of Cards and Narcos), reading books of all genres, and trying to squeeze even more into his schedule so that he makes the most of every day God gives him.

Josh DeFord Headshot.jpeg

Josh DeFord, Graphic design

Josh is a conservative activist based out of Pensacola, Florida. A college sophomore studying Graphic Design, Josh assists political organizations and candidates with communications and design. Aside from working field operations and communications for local and statewide campaigns, he is also a designer for OUTSET Magazine and has been with the team since early 2015. 

Josh grew up in Calgary, Alberta, but moved to the United States in 2008, and has since lived in many areas of the US realizing the importance of preserving our environment.

Josh is working to portray the vision and goals of ACC with professional and modern design in a way that will resonate with everyday Americans.

Sarah Taber.jpg

Sarah Taber, staff writer

Sarah is a Senior at Queens college with an interest in Politics and Health Sciences. 

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @SarahTaber00


Benjamin Green, digital strategist

Benjamin is a native of the Sonoran Desert and loves the dry heat. He's been interested in technology since birth, and building websites in his spare time since High School. He went on to graduate from the University of Arizona, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Information Science & Technology. After they finished school, Benjamin and his wife moved back to their hometown and Benj joined the staff of their local church. They were thrilled to welcome a baby girl in April 2017. When he's not at church, you'll likely find him talking politics, practicing piano, building websites, or playing table games.


ronnie thompson, staff writer

Ronnie is currently a freshman at the University of Georgia. Studying political science and environmental law, Ronnie strongly values the efforts of this organization. He serves as a staff writer for the Georgia Political Review and participates in the College Republicans chapter at his school.  

In his spare time, Ronnie enjoys devoting fall Saturday’s to cheering on his favorite team, the Georgia Bulldogs, in beautiful Sanford Stadium. He also takes pleasure in staying active, whether it involves participating in 5K races or badminton tournaments. Ronnie is excited to use his voice to express the need for conservative environmentalism and to champion the platform of the ACC.