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Capitalism can help solve climate change.

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 These companies are leading on the environment.


IBM’s Green Horizons initiative leverages cognitive computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable city governments, utility companies, and industry to improve their relationship with the environment. Using some of the most advanced technologies, IBM can enable some of the world’s most accurate energy and environmental forecasting systems.

Tesla, Inc.

Tesla is the industry leader in electric car manufacturing comprising 20% of all electric automobiles on the roads. Tesla’s vast charging network allows for C02 free traveling across the world.

S.C. Johnson

The company has reduced 1.8 million pounds of volatile organic compounds from its Windex artifacts and 1.4 million pounds of polyvinylidene chloride from Saran Wrap.


Google’s operation is powered entirely by renewable energies. Google saved more than 33,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions—equivalent to taking 6,500 cars off the road every day for a year, by using ride-sharing and an electric fleet.


Starbucks is pledging to reduce its single-use plastics, as well as to create greener stores through sustainability measures such as water and electricity usage.

Bank of America

Within 5 years, Bank of America has reduced it’s paper requirements by 32%. BoA’s internal recycling program collects 33,000 tons of paper a year. That’s the equivalent of 200,00 years a year saved. BoA offers cash-back rewards to workers who shift to hybrid vehicles.


IKEA is committed to going 100% renewable by 2020, and they are working to produce as much renewable energy as they consume. They’re also making their buildings more efficient, and reducing the amount of energy needed to power them.

Delta Airlines

Delta is working with The Nature Conservancy to reduce its overall carbon footprint, as well as to advance global health and wellness through advancing education.

 These conservative initiatives and policies are making waves.


 These conservative initiatives and policies are having ripple effects across the environmental conversation.

Sen. Lamar Alexander’s Manhattan Project

Sen. Alexander is working to reduce the effects of climate change. His new Manhattan Project for Clean Energy will direct funding to energy innovation research to reduce carbon emissions and improve Americans’ quality of life.

The Roosevelt Conservation Caucus

The newly-formed Conservation Caucus provides a forum in both the House and Senate for Republicans to discuss and brainstorm solutions to our most pressing environmental issues.

Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Green Real Deal

Rep. Gaetz’s Green Real Deal provides a more realistic alternative to the Green New Deal, and offers a Republican perspective on these environmental issues.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Environmental Emphasis

Florida’s Gov. DeSantis has been hard at work to provide solutions to environmental issues that Floridians face, and has made it one of the top priorities in his first term as governor.

Bipartisan Public Lands Package Passed

The largest bipartisan lands package in a decade passed in Congress and headed to the President’s desk. It includes measures to support public lands, national parks, and more.

EPA Environmental Justice Program

Administrator Andrew Wheeler relaunched the EPA’s Environmental Justice Program, designed to prioritize at-risk and underserved communities that are disproportionately impacted by environmental and public health risks.

These innovations changed the game. 

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These innovations are reshaping our world.

The Smart Phone

Smartphones have drastically reduced the need for resources of all kinds. The smartphone combines the functions of dozens of devices into one small super device. It reduces the need for paper and mailing things across the world that can now just be emailed. It is also allowing us to live more efficient lives by allowing us to control everything from our heating and AC while away from home to our cars from the tip of our fingers.

Artificial Intelligence

Optimizes energy usage and water usage and more in business facilities (IBM Watson).  It also optimizes business supply chains, reducing resource use and making operations more efficient.  Along with data collection, its potential includes much more.

Biodegradable plastics

Companies like Trader Joes have switched to dissolvable plastic produce bags to reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastics. These bags look and feel like regular plastic bags, but they are completely biodegradable. Innovations like this will help the US transition to cleaner alternatives while not sacrificing the convenience of a produce bag.

Bamboo Floors & Furniture

Bamboo flooring and furniture are being used more and more as an appealing and stylish alternative to carpet or wood. Bamboo is abundant and very fast growing, with growths speeds as fast as 5 feet per year. This makes reforestation of bamboo very simple. And it allows us to harvest it more often.

Reusable straws

The US uses 380 billion single-use plastic straws per year. Reusable ones are on the rise as an alternative to single-use plastic straws. Some are even foldable to keep on your keys or in your purse. This a prime example of a market-based solution to ocean plastic reduction

Lithium ion batteries

Battery storage is becoming more and more important as technologies like solar and EV cars begin to rise. Without the lithium-ion battery, these technologies would cease to exist.

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