They have won elections, and they support our mission. Meet the elected officials on our side.

Tommy Thompson   Former Governor of Wisconsin (R-WI)

Tommy Thompson

Former Governor of Wisconsin (R-WI)

"As a lifelong conservative steward of the environment, I am thrilled to see the American Conservation Coalition fill a necessary void. Environmental issues have become far too polarized, which has pushed conservatives away from such a vital topic. As a result, this has led to damaging, big-government reforms. In prior decades, conservatives have been environmental stewards, pushing sensible, economically beneficial, and bipartisan reforms. We must return to that. In fact, as Governor of Wisconsin, I proudly worked with both political parties to protect natural resources, fund large-scale conservation efforts, and encourage recycling through limited government reforms. In short, to improve our nation's environment, we must have a group like the American Conservation Coalition at the helm."

Christine Todd Whitman   Former Governor of New Jersey (R-NJ)

Christine Todd Whitman

Former Governor of New Jersey (R-NJ)

"I am pleased to endorse the American Conservation Coalition.  My career has been geared towards serving this great country, from my time as governor of New Jersey to my time as EPA Administrator, and the ACC has that same service-minded passion. Firsthand, I’ve seen conservative reforms work for the environment and the economy. Unfortunately, with the current state of politics, conservatives who advocate for environmental issues are in short supply; however, with the help of the ACC, a new generation of conservative environmental leadership can emerge and step up to fix the many problems still before us. Join me in supporting a bipartisan effort so that we can continue making progress on environmental issues.  Together, we can make the difference Americans need and deserve, ensuring tomorrow's children have a healthy, prosperous future."

Daniel J Evans   Former Governor of Washington

Daniel J Evans

Former Governor of Washington

"The ACC's work is critically needed in a time of divisive environmental politics. Conservatives must take a stand for pro-environmental policies by showing that our ideals can work. Moreover, we must put the environment to the forefront of our political discussions and platforms. Here in Washington state, I was able to push conservative and pro-environment ideals forward by helping write the bill protecting thousands of acres of Washington's beautiful land through the Washington Wilderness Act, creating the Washington Department of Ecology, and encouraging the creation of North Cascades National Park. There is no better group to carry on these values than the millennial-led ACC. The future of our environment requires the thoughtful leadership of our young,  which is why this group has my enthusiastic support. We must bring back environmentalism into the conservative mold and prove again that conservatives can spearhead these efforts. It's a tough issue for conservatives to tackle, but an incredibly necessary one in these environmentally challenging times. I'm proud to endorse the ACC and excited to see their movement take shape.”

Sam Reed   Former Washington Secretary of State

Sam Reed

Former Washington Secretary of State

“Ever since its inception in the mid-19th century, Republicans at the local, state and national levels have been leaders in critically important conservation efforts and in creating our system for monitoring and improving our environment. For example, Washington state’s environment has been protected and pristine forests conserved by the leadership of Republicans throughout the years.  Governor Dan Evans (1965-1977) successfully championed the creation of the Department of Ecology, the passage of the Shoreline Management Act, the largest number of clean water and clean air bond issues in the history of the state and much more.   Governor John Spellman (1981-1985) protected Puget Sound by courageously vetoing a measure that would have allowed the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company to construct huge offshore oil rigs at Cherry Point.  U. S. Senator Slade Gorton, Congressman Sid Morrison and Congressman Dave Reichert were successful in getting large areas of our forest land preserved for future generations. This is our proud Republican legacy in our state. Most importantly. the American Conservation Council is an appropriate and needed outgrowth of this legacy."

Tim Petri   Former US congressman (R-WI)

Tim Petri

Former US congressman (R-WI)

"It is with great enthusiasm that I formally endorse the American Conservation Coalition. In a time in which so much divisiveness has struck environmental discussions, the ACC seeks to reach across the political divide by providing a forum for conservatives who cherish the environment, as well as free market reforms. As a lifelong congressional advocate for Great Lakes restoration projects, a less intrusive EPA, and conservative environmental reforms, I am thrilled to see the ACC launch. The ACC is the United States' ticket to bridging the gap and inviting conservatives to the fold on environmental discussions. I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish." 

Bill Bryant   Former Washington Candidate for Governor

Bill Bryant

Former Washington Candidate for Governor

When I was growing up, Republicans owned the environmental agenda.  Republicans worked to clean our air and water, protect our shorelines and unique places of natural beauty. Conservation and stewardship were understood to be entirely consistent with conservative principles.  I have long awaited a pro-environmental conservative organization like the American Conservation Coalition to burst on to the scene and help us reclaim the environmental agenda.  With environmental issues at the top of most young Americans' minds, it is imperative that conservatives lead with common sense, market and technologically driven reforms, programs and protections" 

Claudine Schneider   Former US Congresswomen (R-RI)

Claudine Schneider

Former US Congresswomen (R-RI)

"If there ever were a time to increase environmental advocacy, that time is now! If there were ever any hope whatsoever that conservative republicans could remember their history and purpose as it relates to the environment, there is only one entity that can remind them: The American Conservation Coalition. They have the intellect, passion and strategic vision for success, and my vote of confidence!"

Rob McKenna   Former Washington State Attorney General

Rob McKenna

Former Washington State Attorney General

"In my 30 years of political activism and leadership, I've never seen the levels of rancor and divisiveness that we're seeing today around the country. To win two statewide elections for Attorney General as a Republican in a blue state, I had to build coalitions with Democrats and Independents, and that would be much harder to accomplish today.

I strongly support the American Conservation Coalition because its conservative approach to conservation, emphasizing market solutions to pressing environmental problems, is both pragmatic and effective. I also support ACC and its exciting, next-generation leadership because they are strongly committed to building partnerships that will unite Americans to find solutions that we can all support."

"I'm excited to see young conservatives taking on the issue of the environment and establishing that conservatives can--and do--care."

-Greg Brophy, former candidate for Colorado Governor


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