How can conservatives care about the environment? 

Conservation is conservative—it’s as simple as that. Through embracing the free market, limited-government, and innovation, along with sustainability through choice, conservatives can protect the planet for generations to come. 

What is a free-market climate change answer? 

Allowing the free-market to create a more sustainable world by taking down barriers to innovation and bolstering environmental progress without negatively affecting the economy. Quick examples of this approach involve carbon capture and sequestration technology. Check out our policy report, Climate Change 101, for more on this subject. 

Who/what does the American Conservation Coalition support? 

ACC supports those interested in changing the narrative on conservation and environmental issues by bringing conservatives to the table for bipartisan reforms. We endorse candidates, encourage specific legislation, and write about innovators and businesses, but throughout these initiatives our mission stays the same. 

What is a conservative environmentalist? 

A person who believes the best way to combat climate change, conserve our lands, clean our oceans, and create meaningful environmental progress is by promoting responsible policies and allowing for an improved environment through the market. 

What is the conservative response to environmentalism?

The conservative response is a historic one. We are the party of Teddy Roosevelt’s National Park Service, Richard Nixon’s Environmental Protection Agency, and George W. Bush’s marine sanctuaries. With this legacy of conservation, we believe conservatives ought to embrace environmentalism with approaches that allow consumer-choice and innovation to thrive, thus supporting the environment through conservative practices.