FEATURE (CNBC): Right-leaning ACC takes up Roosevelt's environment mantle, and hopes the GOP will follow

**As published at CNBC.com

With the help of a right-leaning nonprofit, dozens of college Republicans are tackling what might appear to be a mission impossible enough for Tom Cruise: Persuading GOP elders to embrace environmentally friendly policy.

The American Conservation Coalition — a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization — is a right-leaning advocacy group that is partnering with young GOP campus activists to advocate market-friendly clean energy policies.

As nations around the world bolster their efforts to address environmental degradation, the ACC announced the support of college Republican chairs from 10 more states, bringing to 30 the total number of state chairs voicing support for "a clean energy future," the ACC stated in a press release this week. Signatories include college Republicans from states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Vermont, Kansas, Idaho and Utah.

The coalition plans to promote "a level playing field for all forms of energy production," embracing a holistic approach that includes natural gas, fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewables. In that vein, the ACC is hoping to reclaim the mantle of President Theodore Roosevelt, the Republican president lionized for his conservationist bona fides.