OP-ED (RedState): The Free Market And CO₂ Reduction: Not Incompatible

FOR DECADES, conservatives have been lectured by the environmental Left on how we must reduce energy consumption in order to “save the world.” 

Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and many others have attempted everything from placing overbearing regulations on the auto industry through a recession to punishing companies for producing co2 in order to maintain their operations. There has, however, been a shift of sentiments in recent years among those on the Right regarding environmentalism and the state of our energy portfolio.

We are beginning to see the growth of an environmental Right, who are championing free market initiatives to approach the environment and energy sectors. A major push from the Right in the co2 arena is centered around offsetting carbon emissions through innovation and enterprise, rather than using regulations and mandates. This is an approach that reduces the amount of carbon in the air while not affecting economic performance or energy consumption.

Carbon offsets can and are being made by companies and private investors across the country in several different ways. The first is carbon offsets through reforestation. A major champion of this approach is Delta Airlines.

Nick Lindquist