OP-ED (IJ Review): New Poll: Conservative Millennials Support Clean Energy

Republicans currently enjoy control of the presidency and both chambers of Congress. However, if this majority status is to continue in 2018 and beyond, the party must confront an issue that looms large: appealing to millennial voters.

The millennial population is growing, and projections have them surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest adult generation in 2019. Millennials could represent the largest voting bloc in this year’s crucial midterm elections. This trend should terrify Republicans, as millennials support Democrats by overwhelming margins.

A recent poll conducted by the Conservative Energy Network (CEN) and American Conservation Coalition (ACC) indicates that environmental and energy issues are incredibly important to millennials, regardless of their party affiliation. The environment and clean energy would be ideal starting points for a Republican effort to broaden the party’s appeal.

Given their youth, millennials express greater interest in protecting the environment for future generations. In this poll, 79 percent of respondents felt that a pro-clean energy candidate cares more about their family’s future.

Ronnie Thompson