ACC Officially Endorses


Maria Elvira Salazar

“Climate change is a real threat to South Florida’s coastlines and economic development over the long term. Because Miami is my hometown, I take this issue seriously now and I will too as a representative in Congress. Not only have I witnessed sea levels rise substantially over recent years, but we are also seeing the devastating impact that algae outbreaks (red tide) bring to our livelihoods and to our economic vitality. In Congress, I will join and work with the Climate Solutions Caucus in order to help ensure that we tackle this important issue with serious solutions. Organizations like the American Conservation Coalition are vital so that we can continue this very important conversation, share ideas with our young leaders, and find real and immediate solutions.”


 - Ms. Salazar is committed to protecting Florida’s coastline.

- Supports private sector leadership on reducing Co2 emissions.

- Advocate for energy innovation.