The Policy Experts Who Support ACC

Jerry Taylor   President, Niskanen Center

Jerry Taylor

President, Niskanen Center

"Young conservatives have felt left behind on environmental issues for decades and are in need of a strong voice. Many young conservatives want to curb climate change and other environmental problems through free-market, limited government solutions, which is why the ACC is such a promising development. I’m excited about what the ACC can do on college campuses across the nation and I look forward to helping the ACC change the narrative when it comes to conservatives and the environment."

Michael Dorsey   Former Apointee, EPA National Advisory Committee

Michael Dorsey

Former Apointee, EPA National Advisory Committee

"We can deliver a clean and green future for our children and our future in the 21st century. Right now, predatory anti-market utilities are a major stumbling block. Utilities want to charge consumers and small businesses alike onerous fees on power generated from the sun and wind.  I am delighted to see the American Conservation Coalition organizing young millennials and many others for the comprehensive change America really needs."

Eli Lehrer ,  President, R Street Institute

Eli Lehrer,

President, R Street Institute

"The American Conservation Coalition is the most impressive, organized and well-thought-out student-founded group working on environmental issues I've ever run across. Its leaders have a compelling vision and a great mission that I wholeheartedly support. If we're going to make progress in promoting a fiscally responsible, free-market environmental agenda, ACC is going to play a key role. Conservatives have led the way on conservation in the past and, through ACC, they'll do so in the future."


"It is great to have the American Conservation Coalition at the table working with others to craft policies that help create jobs, improve the environment, and use the market to create real change."

- Tom Ranken, President & CEO, Clean Tech Alliance

"It's great to see the millennial-led American Conservation Coalition emerge to help bridge the partisan divide on these important issues. I am excited to see what they can accomplish."

- Paul Bodnar, Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute

"As a citizen most concerned with state and local topics, I have been dismayed by the evironmental left's categorical, that is, all or nothing approach. I am pleased to support an organization that will champion environmental issues with a more sophisticated analysis, one that embraces the concept of marginal ultility as it applies to balancing the trade-offs."

-Tim Higgins, Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin system

"Solving some of the greatest crises in our time, from climate change to toxins in our air and water, requires good faith action from leaders across the political spectrum. I'm glad to see that the American Conservation Coalition is broadening the conversation and bringing powerful voices into the environmental movement." 

-Jeff Mauk, Executive Director, National Caucus of Environmental Legislators

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