ACC Officially Endorses


Rep. Mike Gallagher WI-08

“Northeast Wisconsin and its resources do not just belong to us — they belong to future generations, as well. It’s our moral obligation to ensure those who live here long after we are gone will continue to enjoy these lands and waters, which have given so much to our families and communities.” He continued, “I am grateful for American Conservation Coalition’s support. Working together we can ensure a world for the next generation that’s cleaner than the one we inherited.”



  • Supports responsible management of resources that don’t include over-burdensome regulations which inhibit economic development.

  • Offered an Energy Innovation Amendment in the House, which passed. The Amendment focused on renewable energy, innovation, national security, and improving energy safety.

  • Supports an all-of-the-above energy approach with a focus on renewable energy

  • Member of the Climate Solutions Caucus

  • Leader in Green Bay's "Save the Bay" project