ACC Officially Endorses


Rep. Adam Kinzinger IL-16

"I'm honored to receive the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) endorsement in my re-election. ACC understands that top-down, government regulation is not the answer to solving the important environmental issues before us today. Instead, the ACC recognizes that it will be everyday Americans, who want to be good stewards of our incredible natural environment and want to support innovative, cleaner energy technologies that will ensure true progress on environmental issues. I'm especially impressed with ACC's engagement of millennials in the political process, who are committed to maintaining our nation's natural treasures for this generation and every generation of Americans to come."



  • Member of the Congressional Energy Savings Performance Caucus
  • Supporter of an all-of-the-above energy approach, which his district is a great example of
  • Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee. He is working to aggressively explore the United States’ vast energy resources in order to provide opportunities for job creation and strengthen our national security through energy independence.