ACC Officially Endorses


Rep. Bruce Westerman AR-04

"As a forester and outdoorsman, I believe it is our duty to be good stewards of our environment and natural resources. Real conservation is about responsibly using our resources for the betterment of mankind while leaving our planet in as good or better condition for future generations. The American Conservation Coalition works with renewable energy, public lands, and rural agriculture to promote the conservation of the earthly elements that sustain life. As I work alongside them, I am honored to receive the American Conservation Coalition’s endorsement."



  • Member of the House Natural Resources Committee
  • Holds a Masters degree in Forestry and is the only licensed forester in Congress. He continues to make responsible forest management a priority of his
  • With more than two million acres of federal land in the Fourth District of Arkansas, Westerman has made effective public land management a foremost concern of his. 
  • Representative Westerman supports the EPA designation of forest biomass energy being carbon neutral. Following this designation in April, he said: “trees are a renewable resource, and properly managed forests can provide clean energy for decades to come."
  • Cosponsor of HR. 4647, Recovering America's Wildlife Act