ACC Officially Endorses


Russ Fulcher ID-01

"I am proud to receive the endorsement of the American Conservation Coalition, a group of young conservatives working to protect our environment with conservative solutions. As Idaho’s next congressman, I will ensure Idaho’s lands and resources are well-managed and cared for by folks at the local level. If Idahoans can control their land, they will control their destiny. I am humbled by the ACC's confidence in me to accomplish these shared goals in Congress."



  • Supports America’s energy independence through free market approaches.
  • Consistently funded wildfire fighting efforts with a focus on long-term forest management in the Idaho State Senate.
  • While in the Idaho State Senate, Mr. Fulcher sought to balance environmental protection by ensuring local community involvement and common sense strategies for healthy and workable public lands.
  • If elected, he plans on advocating for healthy and efficient management of natural resources that can bolster the economy while protecting the environment.