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The #HuskiesForSalmon petition 

In late May, ACC partnered with the College Republicans at the University of Washington to collect more than 630 student signatures calling for action on salmon recovery. This campaign focused on promoting salmon recovery legislation on a state and national level, with an emphasis on the root problems: predator overpopulation, lack of nutrients, mismanaged dams, pollution, and habitat change.

The EPA predicts 60% of the salmon population in the Pacific Northwest has been depleted since 1984. This has incurred massive effects on our economy, since salmon contribute one billion dollars and tens of thousands of jobs to the regional economy. Most importantly, the decrease in salmon population has hurt countless wildlife species.

In June, our petition was delivered to every Washington U.S. Representative and Senator, as well as every Washington state senator and representative. Since our petition was delivered, we're proud to announce that H.R. 2083, a bill that protects salmon from sea lion overpopulation, passed the House with wide-sweeping bipartisan support.