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"Millennials are often critiqued for being unwilling to participate in the public policy process. The American Conservation Coalition disproves that conclusively through their efforts to engage Millennials on important environmental issues. I agree with their approach and am delighted to offer my support."

- Ted Roosevelt IV

Chairman of Barclays Cleantech Initiative &

Great-Grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt


We're proud to have the support of elected officials, private business owners, and leading thinkers in the environmentalism movement.

Tommy Thompson   Former Governor of Wisconsin

Tommy Thompson

Former Governor of Wisconsin

"As a lifelong conservative steward of the environment, I am thrilled to see the American Conservation Coalition fill a necessary void. Environmental issues have become far too polarized, which has pushed conservatives away from such a vital topic. As a result, this has led to damaging, big-government reforms. In prior decades, conservatives have been environmental stewards, pushing sensible, economically beneficial, and bipartisan reforms. We must return to that. In fact, as Governor of Wisconsin, I proudly worked with both political parties to protect natural resources, fund large-scale conservation efforts, and encourage recycling through limited government reforms. In short, to improve our nation's environment, we must have a group like the American Conservation Coalition at the helm."

Christine Todd Whitman   Former Governor of New Jersey and Former EPA Administrator (G. W. Bush)

Christine Todd Whitman

Former Governor of New Jersey and Former EPA Administrator (G. W. Bush)

"I am pleased to endorse the American Conservation Coalition.  My career has been geared towards serving this great country, from my time as governor of New Jersey to my time as EPA Administrator, and the ACC has that same service-minded passion. Firsthand, I’ve seen conservative reforms work for the environment and the economy. Unfortunately, with the current state of politics, conservatives who advocate for environmental issues are in short supply; however, with the help of the ACC, a new generation of conservative environmental leadership can emerge and step up to fix the many problems still before us. Join me in supporting a bipartisan effort so that we can continue making progress on environmental issues.  Together, we can make the difference Americans need and deserve, ensuring tomorrow's children have a healthy, prosperous future."


We are proud to have the support of these elected officials, see who else has endorsed our organization here.


Jay Faison   President, ClearPath Action

Jay Faison

President, ClearPath Action

"I'm proud to support the American Conservation Coalition because I'm inspired by college students taking action, getting involved in government, and doing their part for a better Republican Party. Conservative, free-market solutions are long overdue in environmental politics and I'm excited to see what they can do."

Bob Inglis   Former Congressman (R-SC)

Bob Inglis

Former Congressman (R-SC)

"As a former member of Congress, I've seen firsthand the necessity of conservative activists encouraging legislators to pursue market-based, limited-government, and pro-environment policies. Because of that, the influence of the American Conservation Coalition's federal and state level legislative efforts are incredibly impactful. Additionally, I am inspired to see such young conservatives take action on such a vital topic. There is no more important time for young conservatives to become active in environmental politics than right now. Conservatives must step up, embrace bold reforms, and bring new leaders into the fold."


We have activists who lead on environmental and energy issues from across the political spectrum, see more endorsements here.


Jerry Taylor   President, Niskanen Center

Jerry Taylor

President, Niskanen Center

"Young conservatives have felt left behind on environmental issues for decades and are in need of a strong voice. Many young conservatives want to curb climate change and other environmental problems through free-market, limited government solutions, which is why the ACC is such a promising development. I’m excited about what the ACC can do on college campuses across the nation and I look forward to helping the ACC change the narrative when it comes to conservatives and the environment."


Michael Dorsey   Former Appointee, EPA National Advisory Committee

Michael Dorsey

Former Appointee, EPA National Advisory Committee

"We can deliver a clean and green future for our children and our future in the 21st century. Right now, predatory anti-market utilities are a major stumbling block. Utilities want to charge consumers and small businesses alike onerous fees on power generated from the sun and wind.  I am delighted to see the American Conservation Coalition organizing young millennials and many others for the comprehensive change America really needs."


These are the individuals who know the policies better than anyone else. Their support shows we advocate for rock-solid solutions.


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